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How the rewards system works?

To encourage a lively community and the joy of sharing amongst parents, we have a SeriousAboutPreschool (SAP) Rewards Points System in place to reward parents who contribute enrichment programs reviews, childcare centre reviews, attend trial classes/ term at partnering centres or even enquire for more information from the centres before making informed decisions on what to sign up for!

SAP Points will be awarded to members with the indicated actions in the table below. Accumulation of SAP points can also elevate a member’s ‘status’ in the community. Members with more SAP points or a higher ‘status’ are more experienced contributors and their advice should hold more weight in the community.

SAP Points will also open up more opportunities for members as we will run contests and promotions periodically and we may give priority of chances to those members with more SAP points, or a higher ‘status’.

Rewards Table

Activity No. of Points
Upload Trial Class Receipt
(Points awarded for every trial class/ program receipt issued by partnering centres - indicated with a purple badge uploaded within 2 months from date on receipt; For first time student at the centre only.)
Write a Review
+ with attached Trial Class Receipt (from partnering centres, within 2 months from date on receipt)
++ without Trial Class Receipt
+ 2
++ 1
Schedule Centre Visits/ Send Enquiries through Us
Let us know which enrichment centre/ school partner you are keen to find out more info from or visit and we will refer/ link you up with them! Earn points from every successful link up through us and even if you did not sign up with the centre in the end!
Recommend us a Centre*
Points earned from 'Recommend us a Centre' cannot be used to redeem rewards but to elevate your community status only.

Point Status

Super Parent 10 pts
Solid Parent 30 pts
The Guru 60 pts

Book Trial Class

If your child is a new student at a partnering centre, not only will you be able to enjoy special SAP discounts, you will also earn 2 rewards points when you upload a receipt for a trial class or term booked at the centre (within 2 months from date on receipt)! Partnering centres are differentiated with a SAP purple badge .

Just print out the vouchers in the members only welcome pack and mention ‘Serious About Preschool’ upon booking of trial class/ term with a participating centre to enjoy special SAP discounts. After trial class, upload the receipt via your Serious About Preschool account to earn points within 2 months from its date! Please note that while you may attend more then one trial classes allowed by a centre, Serious About Preschool will only reward you once with points.

Refer to a sample trial class receipt here / trial term receipt here Please ensure that the receipt you upload does not exceed 400KB in size and the centre’s company stamp, date and your child’s name are clearly shown.

Write A Review

After your child has attended a trial class or has purchased a package from a participating centre for the first time, not only will you earn rewards points from uploading the receipt (with centre’s stamp) onto Serious About Preschool, you can use that receipt to write a review at the same time and earn another 2 rewards points! Without uploading receipt, you can still contribute by writing a review and earn 1 rewards point! Reviews have to be of a min 100 words.

Note: SeriousAboutPreschool’s role is to reduce the amount of time parents spend on internet research. As a result, all reviews need to go through an approval process by the committee in order to present the most constructive and helpful ones to avoid information overload. Useful but lengthy reviews may be subjected to editing for clarity.

Schedule centre visit/ Enquiries through Serious About Preschool

Connection with centres/ schools through Serious About Preschool
Let us know which enrichment centre/ school partner you are keen to find out more info from or visit and we will refer/ link you up with them! Earn points from every successful link up through us. Earn points even if you did not sign up with the centre in the end! Check out full list of partners HERE as well as the exclusive discounts they offer Serious About Preschool parents!

* Successful link up refers to connection with partnering centres/ schools with genuine enquiries such as: centre visit being scheduled, centre successfully contacted you to answer your enquiries etc. Each successful connection earns you 1 point. Maximum 6 points from the Explore/ Enquiries category are eligible for rewards redemption (you can earn more points from writing reviews, utilizing of partner vouchers too). For partners with more than 1 branch, only 1 point is awarded for that brand regardless of the number of branches visited. Point is earned even if you did not sign up for the course/ enroll in the end after the school visit/ enquiries, if it's a genuine enquiry**.

Recommend a Centre

Would you like to recommend a good or new enrichment centre that we might have missed out? Voice us out and you can even earn rewards points should the centre join our community!

Points earned from recommending a Centre will elevate your community status on Serious About Preschool but cannot be used to redeem rewards.

* Centres are not allowed to review their own programs. Reviews must be of a min 100 words with useful information for parents (eg structure of class, activities, teachers style etc) and not just on emotional or personal opinion of reviewer which will not benefit other parents much. Each reviewer is only allowed to submit a max of 5 reviews for their account and max 2 from the same centre.
* Please ensure centre is not already in our network before recommending.
* Please note that SAP Rewards Points do not have any cash value. They are non-transferable and not refundable. SeriousAboutPreschool reserves the right to award, reject, amend or delete SAP points at its sole discretion and is not liable to give any explanation.
** It is at Serious About Preschool and the partnering centres' discretion in considering whether an enquiry is genuine or not. No dispute will be entertained. Scheduling of visit has to be through Serious About Preschool (inform Serious About Preschool before visiting and partners to be alerted by Serious About Preschool on your visit BEFORE your visit).

Redeem these rewards with your SAP Points!
Entrance Ticket for Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa
4 Point/s
Enjoy a splashing good time at Port of Lost Wonder; Singapore’s First Kids’ Club by the Beach, designed to provide a unique experience for family bonding.
Fully Redeemed
The Polliwogs Indoor Playground Passes worth $25 each (unlimited playtime)
4 Point/s
FREE play at The Polliwogs Suntec City or Vivocity on weekdays, weekends or even public holidays!
Fully Redeemed
Muakids Voucher worth $22.95
2 Point/s
Redeem cute Muakids sticker labels, iron-ons and bag tags. Your kids’ belongings will never get lost again!
Fully Redeemed
FREE Young Parents Digital Magazine Subscription
1 Point/s
Enjoy 3 months of Young Parents Digital Magazine Subscription worth $15!
Fully Redeemed

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