Free Phone Consultation Session with KidzSTAR Occupational Therapy

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Do you have concerns about your child’s development? Does your child experience any of the following?
• Slow to reach motor milestones (e.g. crawling, walking)
• Clumsy or has poor coordination
• Handwriting difficulties or a poor pencil grip
• Difficulty with fine motor skills (e.g. tracing, cutting, buttoning)
• Does not play with toys appropriately or has poor pretend play
• Has sensory issues
• Has poor attention or very active, difficulty in sitting down to do work
• Has difficulty regulating own emotions
• Poor social skills (e.g. taking turns, interacting with friends)
• Low self esteem

We at KidzSTAR Occupational Therapy can help! We work with children across all ages with various developmental, learning and behavioural conditions. Our occupational therapist has extensive experience in the field of paediatric therapy and has worked for more than a decade with countless children and their families. She is trained in numerous intervention approaches and is able to tailor her intervention to meet the individual needs of your child and family. You can find out more about us at

Redeem a free 20-minute phone consultation with our experienced paediatric occupational therapist! Feel free to share your concerns about your child or just to check if your child is on track on his or her development to put your mind at ease.

No. of Point/s required: 4

Ways to earn the points:
1. Upload trial receipts from the use of any voucher code in the welcome pack (received when you register as a Serious About Preschool member) - 2 points for every receipt upload


2) Ask Serious About Preschool to link you up with any of our partners for further enquires with the centre/ school. Check out list of our partners:

1 Reward Point for every successful link up (does not matter if no registration in the end after the school recce/ trial class). Email US at to request for link up. Max 6 points eligible for redemption from this category.

3) For reviews, simply write 100 words reviews on an enrichment program (with useful info on class structure, activities or even tips for other parents) - 2 points for every review WITH receipt uploaded/ 1 point for every review WITHOUT accompanying receipt upload.

Max 6 reviews allowed to be submitted per child. Serious About Preschool reserves the right to deny reviews that do not meet usefulness criteria for redemption of rewards at its own discretion.

While sessions last!

Note: Point requirement can change without notice if there is an influx of redemptions for a particular reward.
Please email us ( if you have more points and wish to redeem more of the same passes.

Kindly allow approx. 3 weeks for the approval of your reviews/ receipt uploaded and processing/ delivery of this reward.

Points can be earned through various means: writing a review on an enrichment program, uploading trial class receipt from participating centres and requesting Serious About Preschool to link you up with it's partners! For reviews, only approved reviews will be published on the portal and eligible for SAP points and rewards. SAP points will still be awarded to the reviewers with approved reviews in the event we run out of the reward you selected. All members must be above 18 years old and residing in Singapore. SeriousAboutPreschool reserves the right to reject any redemption or replace any reward with another reward of similar value (should the reward become unavailable) without explanation required. Failure to claim a reward within the stipulated timeframe or before the expiry date will result in forfeiture of the reward and no replacement or extension of deadline will be allowed. SeriousAboutPreschool reserves the right to amend these terms and condition without prior notice. All rewards are not exchangeable nor redeemable for cash. SeriousAboutPreschool will never share your information to third parties without seeking your consent for doing so. However, your particulars may be shared with the reward sponsor in the event the delivery of the reward you have chosen needs to be undertaken by them.
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