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Serious About Preschool is THE PORTAL FOR PARENTS with little ones from 0-7 years old. If you want to reach out to these families and like us, want to partner with a budding and creative team, want to offer more to make their challenging lives easier, we want to be in touch with you! Because we believe in the power of branding and we are extremely flexible, we are confident that we can support your marketing campaign in reaching out to the right target audience hence stretching your advertising dollar to the max.

We place huge focus on advertising ourselves and are innovative in creative campaigns. Our dedicated Marketing and PR teams target parents-to-be and parents with little ones through ongoing strategic marketing campaigns and channels in a bid to invite families to our portal who will in turn be exposed to our advertisers’/ sponsors’ brand messages. The channels we have used/ planning to use include but not limited to:

  • Signature Serious About Preschool Learn & Play Parties
  • Pororo Park Pre-Opening Campaign
  • Mass Media - Print/ Magazine Advertising
  • Targeted Print/ Magazine Advertising
  • Online Marketing (Google/ Facebook Ads etc)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Leaflet Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Event Sponsorships

We were awarded the Best Preschool Enrichment Portal by Parents World Magazine!

Some of the events we love to do:


We are constantly engaging different providers and partners in our events. You can be the next one we rope in, contact us now!

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Best of the Best Award: Best Preschool Enrichment Portal by Parents World magazine

About SeriousAboutPreschool

SeriousAboutPreschool is a truly one stop portal for parents to search for suitable enrichment classes, preschools, infantcare and child care centres for their little ones 0-7 years old. With the largest and most comprehensive database of over 8,000 listings offering classes, programs and preschools for 0-6 years old, parents can easily find extensive information with just a click! Besides a comprehensive search feature, parents can also compare enrichment classes side by side on SeriousAboutPreschool, read preschool and enrrichment reviews, sign up for trial classes at special rates, download Serious About Preschool revolutionary mobile app to search for activities and class vouchers on the go, enjoy member exclusive event invitations or even join a suitable community (categorised by the age of their little ones!) and bond with other like minded parents! There is a rewards program in place to encourage sharing of experiences with enrichment centres or programs, hence benefiting the community.