Difficult Times, Diligent and Device-empowered Parents, Desperate Measures

The 4Ds of Keeping Kid Busy

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Stay Home with Kids Survival Story Part 5 - Difficult Times, Diligent and Device-empowered Parents, Desperate Measures

The 4Ds of Keeping Kids Busy

With the continuation of Home-Based Learning (HBL) from schools and enrichment centres, students are spending more time at home. Are you and your child embracing or still struggling with the new norm? 

Over the past few months, parents and educators have adopted myriad ways to help children learn and keep their restless minds busy! Unlike a decade ago when we have been left to our own devices (pun intended), we now have the help of modern devices for enjoyable HBL! 

Difficult times call for Diligent and Device-empowered parents to activate Desperate measures. Be inspired by these interesting examples of the 4Ds of staying home with kids.

Online Interactive Programmes with Julia Gabriel Centre
Back by popular demand from its May’s Holiday Programme, Julia Gabriel Centre is celebrating famous children’s authors through three beautifully crafted stories that will engage and delight preschool children.

Suitable for children age 3 – 6, this June ONLINE INTERACTIVE Holiday Programmes by Julia Gabriel Centre’s specialist educators will enthral them with their verve and vitality, inspiring a love for stories. 

The programme will include: 

  • Poetic rhymes
  • Storytelling sessions
  • Dramatic activities
  • Voice and speech exercises
  • Songs and movement
  • Language and literacy activities

Allow your child’s imagination and literacy experience to be enriched! Before the Circuit Breaker, who knew Singalong and Story Telling could actually be done online!


Online Musical Instrument Classes
Piano, violin and even the uncommon classical harp classes have gone online! Unfazed by the limitations of school closures, Rave Harps teachers and students, led by Ms Katryna Tan continue with classes virtually and even had their unprecedented Master Class online! 

“I am actually very impressed with the kids’ progress and dedication of both parents and teachers. The results of online lessons are quite impressive and sometimes even more so for certain students,” raved Katryna. “This continuality not only gives the children a sense of normalcy and the importance of music in their lives, but also teaches them an important life lesson - despite unfavorable conditions, they have to push on with their passion and task at hand!”


Kids Home Disco 
What do you do when you can’t head out to exercise? Home Disco! Kids have a natural flair for dance whenever there is music. They are also super cute to look at when they are so immersed in it. Turn your living room into a dance floor with Kpop, Karaoke or Singalong Music and let your little ones dance to their hearts content!


Old School Game
Remember those days when kids are not as entitled as they are now and parents had to make use of things they could lay hands on around the house to devise nostalgic games that preferably cost next to nothing? Well, old school games are ‘in’ now! Marble games, rubber band pick up or empty plastic bottles bowling, let your imagination take flight!

Promised a staycation for the kids before the pandemic? No problem. Take the cue from some parents who simply realigned their furniture to give their homes a new look or better still, create your own camping experiences pop-up tents! Use a torchlight for a ‘campfire’, prepare marshmallows and hot chocolate, or a ‘fancy’ afternoon tea! The rest of the ‘stay’ is all up to one’s own imagination.

Time Capsules
Heard of time capsules? This is a meaningful activity that will bring back lots of precious memories down the road! Find a box and get your kids busy by filling it up with some of his/ her favourite stuff and notes from you and her/ him to themselves 20 years later! What would you like to tell your child 20 years later? What would your child like to remind herself/ himself 20 years later? Time set to unveil in 2040!

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