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01 March 2019

FREE Online Exam Papers from Top Primary Schools

With MOE cutting down on exams, find out if your child is meeting academic expectations by attempting selected FREE Past Year Top School Exam Papers ONLINE! We provide the yardsticks for parents to monitor your child's progress so that you can plan your resources and time efficiently, investing in areas where it truly matters.

FREE Past Year Exam Papers from Top Schools - DO Online!

We hope to walk with you on your child's primary school journey, making learning a breeze for him/ her. We have made the first attempt by taking the effort to convert past years' top school test/ exam papers online so that it takes time off you to hunt, download or even mark them. Attempt them for FREE* now (*for 1st 200 sign ups before 20 Oct 2019)! The papers are being released by terms, hence let your child access them asap once they become available as they will be gone when the term ends!

NO More: 
X Hunting; Downloading and Printing of Test/ Exam Papers
X Sorting out Papers by Terms and Schools
X Tedious Marking
X Invest Blindly on Subjects

Say YES to: 
* Immediate Results sent to your Mailbox
* Attempt for FREE by Terms by Subject
* Get notified when new term papers are released
* Gauge on child's performance amongst peers (TBA)

FOR P1 Only:

FREE* Term 3 selected Top School P1 Test Papers (* For 1st 200 P1 kids)

Term 3 papers will only be available from 1 Sep onwards


FOR P2 Only:

FREE* Term 3 selected Top School P2 Test Papers (* For 1st 200 P2 kids)

Term 3 papers will only be available from 1 Sep onwards



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