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Speech and Debate Classes, School Holiday Workshops for Ages 9-17

At The Rhetoric Collective, we understand the ability to Connect, Convey, and Convince will be the 3 critical ways our youth will navigate their most important milestones in life, whether in academia, work, or even social situations.

With decades of experience coaching students from all walks of life to emerge champions at national competitions and improve their day-to-day communication, our award-winning founders believe that with the right tools and training, anyone can communicate and anyone can debate.

With our regular weekly classes and holiday workshops, we provide vital opportunities for our students to broaden their skills and improve at their craft!

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FUTURE THOUGHT LEADERS SERIES (Nov-Dec School Holiday Workshops)
Expand your mind, evolve your skills, and express your opinions though our specialised month-long holiday series of workshops!
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Industry Changemakers Workshop (4-day)
Ages 8 to 11: 22nd to 25th Nov
Ages 12 to 17: 29 Nov to 2nd Dec

Develop your powers of critical thinking and persuasive speaking in this 4-day workshop where we will explore Diplomatic Persuasive in the Model United Nations, Truth and Perspectives in Journalism, Speaking with Conviction in a Court of Law, and Grit and Wit in Entrepreneurship. 

Foundational Debate Workshop (2-day)
Recommended for students keen on a Refresher Debater session or for new debaters.

Ages 8 to 11: 6 to 7 Dec
Ages 12 to 17: 13 to 14 Dec

Advanced Debate Workshop (3-day)
Recommended for students who have attended our debate workshops before, or will be continuing from the Foundational Workshop.

Ages 8 to 11: 8 to 10 Dec
Ages 12 to 17: 15 to 17 Dec

Academic Expression Workshop (2-day)
Ages 8 to 11: 20 to 21 Dec
Ages 12 to 17: 20 to 21 Dec

From Expression to Excellence: Sharpen your core skills of persuasive writing and persuasive speech in this rigorous workshop that will break down the fundamentals into understandable steps with exercises and drills.

Thought Leaders Forum (2-day)
Ages 12 to 17: 22 to 23 Dec

Developing Thought Leadership In Youth: Expand your mind as we explore philosophical issues and concepts that underpin the way we perceive the world and how we make decisions. Begin the journey early to becoming a future thought leader who can successfully lead effective conversations above the noise!

Age range: 8  to 17 years
Dates: Nov 22 to Dec 23
Location: 35B Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089000

35B Kreta Ayer Road Singapore 089000
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