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Motivating lifelong learning and mindful learners

Let your child learn how to increase their self-awareness, social-awareness and self-confidence by tuning into their internal and external experiences.

Mindfulness Learning

Mindfulness and childcare or kindergarten children may seem like an unlikely combination but not at Chiltern House. Mindful activities for their Kindergarten children will include discussions of different feelings and what happens when they experience the present moment with openness and curiosity.

By learning how to self regulate difficult emotions such as anger and fear through breathing techniques children can remain calm. They know that mindfulness is very effective in reducing emotional distress and promoting emotional balance, improving attention and motivating children to learn.

At Chiltern House their mission is to provide their children with the skills they will need for both school and life. They believe mindfulness lays the foundation to develop the focus, resilience, decision-making and positive relationship building abilities that the future requires.

Chiltern House has always provided far greater benefits than simply Primary School readiness and they continue to enable their children to face the future with the skills that will bring them the greatest success and fulfilment.

Chiltern House
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