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Level up your child's development with My First Skool

Curriculum built by experts along with providing a safe environment and more to help level up your child's development

Level up your child's development with Singapore's most sought-after pre-school!‚Äč

This is how children can level up quickly and confidently with NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool:

- A proven curriculum: Our curriculum is developed by industry experts and backed by research which shows that children who have undergone our proprietary relationship-based curriculum (RBC) have powered up levels of concentration and engagement!

-Delicious, health-boosting meals: At our centres, mealtimes are fun! Our tasty menus are developed by chef and prepared by skilled in-house cooks, and deliver optimal nutrition levels to growing children.

-We take the lead: Whether it's adopting technology or safety practices, we've always taken the first step. Our toys and kitchen utensils are regularly disinfected with commercial grade UV sterilisers. Also, our parents portal app keep parents updated on their child's progress.

Give your child an amazing head start in life at My First Skool today! Register here:

My First Skool
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