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Celebrating Kumon’s 25th anniversary

2020 marks the 25th year since Kumon Singapore opened its first learning centre. Today, with 87 Kumon centres around the country, many children continue to learn and grow with the Kumon Method.

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school enrichment programme that’s been established for over 60 years; providing Mathematics, English and Chinese programmes for preschool, primary and secondary school students in Singapore. 

Over the years parents have trusted and worked together with Kumon to develop their children, with the same assurance that over 4 million Kumon families around the world experience today.

The Kumon Method aims to cultivate independent problem-solvers with a high academic ability from an early age. Your child can achieve their highest potential with our uniquely-designed small-step worksheets, combined with individualized instructions and guidance from our Kumon Instructors.

“My son had become more confident and independent with his school work and required minimal guidance both at home and in school. He is also more responsible in his school work and is aware of his achievements through self-evaluation of his work,” shared by Ms Maureen, a Kumon parent.

Kumon remains one of the top enrichment programmes amongst parents in Singapore and over 50 other countries and regions. 

Find out how our students in Singapore and over 4 million worldwide are thriving from our proven learning method that supports home-based learning and independence.

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