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Mandarin Confidence!

Description: To maximise our children s learning at this critical age, YouLe offers mandarin classes for Nursery (N1/N2) preschoolers through our Mandarin Confidence! Programme, incorporating right-brain flashcards, rhythm and rhyme and various other pedagogical innovations.classes for nursery preschoolers begin character recognition and grammatical learning as well by incorporating dialogic reading, fun poetry recitation, strokes practice, pictograph flashcards etc. Our well-trained and encouraging teachers help students develop comfort and confidence in saying longer phrases in Mandarin, while at the same time teaching them to recognise and write basic chinese characters. Having mastered a sizeable vocabulary and important grammar rules, our little ones will be confident in learning Mandarin independently and are not daunted by the higher demands of formal school settings.3-4 years old is a parent accompanied program. 4-5 years old is an independent programme.

Centre: Youle Mandarin Centre

Program Type: Chinese Language

Class Schedule: N/A

Class Duration: 75 Minutes

Trial Class/Term: N/A

Trial Fees/Lesson: N/A

Special SAP Discount(%): N/A

Program Focus: Character recognition, grammatical learning, incorporating dialogic reading, fun poetry recitation, strokes practice, pictograph flashcards etc.

Branch Address:

Tanglin Shopping Centre | Central Region
19 Tanglin Road #03-38 Tanglin Shopping Centre S247909, 8102 0422

Age Group(s):

3-4 years
4-5 years


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