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Adventure Programme

Description: Learning Horizon started in 2000 with Speech & Drama as well as camps primarily for preschool children. Since 2011, we have expanded to school-age camps, camps for schools and corporations, a full suite of enrichment programmes and curated workshops.

We believe in going beyond academics, focusing on providing a holistic programme for children. We partner industry leaders to form four core programmes – Sports, Aesthetics, Information (Science & Technology) and Linguistic & Life Skills, with the purpose of enhancing children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. These enrichment programmes and camps are refreshed annually to incorporate general knowledge and character building, whilst broadening children’s knowledge acquisition, empowering them to become confident learners.

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Centre: Learning Horizon

Program Type: Others

Class Schedule: N/A

Class Duration: N/A

Trial Class/Term: N/A

Trial Fees/Lesson: N/A

Special SAP Discount(%): 5%

Program Focus: School-Age Camps and Enrichment Programmes

Branch Address:

Depends on Individual Camp | East Region
Depends on Individual Camp, 6501 7588

Age Group(s):

5-6 years
above 6 years old


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