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K1 Step Up / K2 Language Foundation Course

Description: Through lively and interesting teaching processes, your child will equipped for their formal primary school education acquire oral and listening skills provide them with concrete foundation acquire the love for the language.

Centre: Hua Cheng Education Centre

Program Type: Chinese Language

Class Schedule: N/A

Class Duration: N/A

Trial Class/Term: N/A

Trial Fees/Lesson: N/A

Special SAP Discount(%): N/A

Program Focus: Language foundation

Branch Address:

Thomson Plaza | Central Region
301 Upper Thomson Road #02-09 Thomson Plaza Singapore 574408, 6458 3906

Age Group(s):

5-6 years
above 6 years old

Branch Address:

Bukit Timah Plaza | Central Region
1 Jalan Anak Bukit #02-01A Bukit Timah Plaza Singapore 588996, 6469 6337

Age Group(s):

5-6 years
above 6 years old

Branch Address:

Parkway Centre | East Region
1 Marine Parade Central #04-07 Parkway Centre Singapore 449408, 6440 3748

Age Group(s):

5-6 years
above 6 years old


  • yizhimei
    1 Review(s)

    Lots of writing K2 - Bukit Timah Plaza

    April 19, 2017 1:29:11 PM

    My son is in Hua Cheng at Bukit Timah Plaza. They focus more on writing and completing of worksheets every week. The structure for each class is more or less the same and it covers a wide range e.g. story comprehension, role playing, Chinese songs, idioms, listening comprehension, han yu pin ying, writing and strokes, spelling etc. Their spelling covers both Chinese word and han yu pin ying. Usually there will be 4 Chinese words and 3 han yu pin yin for spelling. There will also be revision of previous lesson words learnt. The standard of their worksheets and things that are taught are consider high standard for a K2 class. I believe this will keep my son way ahead of others in his Chinese language standard among his peers.

  • linmummy
    1 Review(s)

    Han Yu Pin Ying - Thomson

    January 05, 2017 3:22:35 PM

    My daughter is in Learning Point for her phonics class and I find that their materials and teachers are good. Hua Cheng is also under Learning Point and so thought the standard should be about the same. For K2, they are already learning Han Yu Pin Ying and vocabulary closed to P1 MOE syllabus. This is good as it will ensure smooth transition to Primary 1 Chinese. In every lesson, the teacher will go through with them the words and han yu pin ying that they have learnt from the previous lesson and move on to introducing new ones for the lesson. There is also flexibility in terms of making up classes and their fees are very affordable.

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