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Gifted Babes (8-18 Months)

Description: Accompanied by a parent or caregiver, our youngest students start off in the Gifted Babes programme that is rich in stimulation and discovery. We know that this is the first half of the critical 3-year period in a child's life, as the brain undergoes rapid growth provided there is appropriate and sufficient stimulation. As such, to enhance brain development, we present children with stimulating objects, prints, sounds, colours and textures to motivate exploration with their 5 senses, and to promote early speech and language skills.

Centre: Growing Up Gifted

Program Type: Reading/ Phonics/ Writing/ English

Class Schedule: N/A

Class Duration: 90 Minutes

Trial Class/Term: N/A

Trial Fees/Lesson: N/A

Special SAP Discount(%): N/A

Program Focus: 5 senses, and to promote early speech and language skills.

Branch Address:

United Square | Central Region
101 Thomson Road #01-20/27, Singapore 307591, 6258 4722

Age Group(s):

6-18 months

Branch Address:

Mountbatten | East Region
231 Mountbatten Road, Mountbatten Centre Blk G #01-04/06, Singapore 397999, 6242 6992

Age Group(s):

6-18 months


  • TherLee
    2 Review(s)

    Kiasu parent for a 16 month old - UE Square

    August 03, 2016 10:09:47 AM

    At 16 months, I decided that my younger child should attend a once a week class at least since I will only be enrolling her to a preschool when she is 3 years old. I am not sure what to teach at such a young age and so its best to leave it to the experts. I particularly liked the way they teach each alphabets using zoo-phonics and how they uses other visual aids to learn each letters. E.g. letter "P" they will use things like pots and pans, letter "R" we did a rabbit, use of puppets etc. But I'm really not sure if she could absorb any of this at such a young age though. But she seems to enjoy it most of the time. They also teach the different body parts using a catchy song and now my daughter is able to tell me what the different parts are called. There is also Mandarin session but only for 15 mins whereby its taught by a native Chinese teacher. Usually the teacher will teach songs in Mandarin together with actions. I would say the activities are quite varied and different in some of the classes but of cos there are also activities that are repetitive too but I feel that its no harm reinforcing the same things again.

  • tansienbeatrice
    1 Review(s)

    Activities galore

    January 26, 2015 8:31:39 AM

    My son attended this programme and I must say that in a 1.5 hr slot, there would be at least 4 different types of activities. The activities ranged from reading, arts and craft, phonics, music and movement and chinese. My son particularly enjoyed the zoo-phonics segment. Through 2 terms, he managed to master the sounds of the letters in the alphabet..

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