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Big Fun Kids Classes (Pizza\Pasta\Cookies\Cupcakes\BentoSet)

Big Fun Kitchen provides culinary fun for kids where they can dress up and bake for the day as little chefs! Choose to bake either our delicious pizza or juicy pasta or yummy cookies. Have lots of fun while making your own meal!

Trial Class

Baking/ Cooking

$ 25
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
120 Minutes
Baking\Learning Journey\Culinary skills\food craft\team work
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Big Fun Kitchen | Central Region
277, New Bridge Road, #02-01, Singapore 088751
3-4 years
  1. preschool singapore expert

    My son school organized an excursion to the Big Fun Kitchen for some pizza making session. The demonstrator will actually first introduce the different baking / kitchen equipment used in making the pizza. The dough are all pre-made ie. no need for flour egg etc. The children will be given a small dough and are to flatten it to form a round pizza. They were then given tomato sauce to spread round the pizza and different ingredients to decorate them e.g. pineapples meat cheese Quite simple actual without much assistance from their parents. Everyone will then have to indicate their name on the pizza so as to know which belongs to who. So while waiting for the pizza to be baked, they on the Frozen movie where all the girls in the room were like so excited and singing along to the let it go song. Rather entertaining actually. After the pizza are baked and ready to eat, everyone just sat there to share their pizza and took photos of how their pizza looked like. The Big Fun Kitchen do often parties arrangement as well so do check them out for their packages. Overall not too bad for a baking session for 3 years old.

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