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Speech & Drama

Description: Speaking well and correctly starts early. Teaching the element of speech is too technical on it's own, hence the element of drama is incorporated into our program to allow children to pick up good communication skills with much CONFIDENCE! FUN! and VIGOUR!

Centre: Alpha Acts Singapore

Program Type: Speech & Drama

Class Schedule: N/A

Class Duration: 120 Minutes

Trial Class/Term: N/A

Trial Fees/Lesson: N/A

Special SAP Discount(%): N/A

Program Focus: Communication skills

Branch Address:

Kembangan Court | East Region
5 Jalan Masjid, #01-13 Kembangan Court Singapore 418924, 6782 0619

Age Group(s):

3-4 years
4-5 years
5-6 years
above 6 years old


  • DonaldDuck
    2 Review(s)

    Drama Classes with props

    November 21, 2016 1:18:39 AM

    My son enjoys his weekly speech and drama classes especially when he is given the opportunity to do some art and crafts and making their own props for the skits. There will also be end of the term concert where parents are invited to see the performances. He also loves the face painting and hand painting done. There will be show and tell part as part of the lesson structure and we are suppose to be prepared for it. There will then be warm up exercises where the kids will gather in a circle and do them, It includes also some music and movement which my son loves and use of puppets to tell a story. This program really helps my son in many different ways, like confidence in speaking up, forming correct sentences, music and movement, socializing with other kids as well.

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