Will STEAM enrichment classes expose my young child to tablets and computers for long hours?
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Does signing my boy up for STEAM enrichment classs means exposing him to tablets and computers for long hours? I do not want him to spend too much time infront of computers at such a young age. 


It Depends On How Technology Is Defined by the Programme Provider.

It does not necessary mean that the child will be exposed for a long time infront of computers at preschool age if you enrol him/her for STEAM enrichment class. It also depends on how technology is defined. Technology also refers to tools that are created to ease our daily lives. We are surrounded by technology tools everyday.

Different STEAM providers operate their programmes differently. Some providers place more focus on technology or gadgets (tablet/computers). It is best to check how the programme is conducted, what materials are used for the programmes and how much time will the child be exposed to tablet/computers.

But for the PLEI academy, we try to minimise the exposure to tablet and computer at such a young age and promote more off screen collaboration and exploration.

For 3-4 years old, they explore with science experiments using scientific tools and everyday household materials, they learn about tools (technology) that are created to ease everyday task and make a mini verson of these tools (such as catapult etc). They learn early engineering by using recycling materials (teaching them to upcycle). They learn process art by focusing on the different processes of creating an artpiece. Mathematics activities are embedded in the programme.

For 5-6 years old, they learn intermediate sciences through hands on experiences. They learn to be creative through Enchanted Engineering by creating and building solutions to problem solve obstacles. They also gain coding and robotics knowledge through a mixure of off screen and screen gadgets such as Bee Bot and Kibo (off scren) and Lego Wedo (programmable lego robotic kit).

STEAM education prepares the child to the new MOE Applied Learning framework that will be rolled out to all primary schools in 2023.


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Alicia Chan

STEAM Programme Director

The PLEI Academy