Will it be too early to start preparing my preschool child for coding enrichment classes?
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With coding enrichment classes being compulsory for upper primary school students, will it be too early to start preparing my preschool child for it?


It Will Be Beneficial Not Only To Help Your Children Develop Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes For Coding But Also Stimulate Their Interests in Maths, Science and Technology 

There is no doubt that being literate in coding is a 21st century skill that will be expected for our children of today moving forward. Given this and the fact that many parents feel they are unable to effectively support their children in this area, it can be beneficial for the children to participate in coding enrichment classes. The key is finding a provider that offers high quality programmes. With the right programme, Coding enrichment classes can not only develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes for Coding but will also stimulate the children’s interests and understanding in Maths, Science and Technology.


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Louise Grant 

Founding Director 

Penn Junior Academy